What to do if my data did not synchronize?

If data conversion is not successful you might get an error:

Contact us through your application and we will sort it out. 

If you did not get a message but you can not see your scans on Fish Deeper Website, check if you have the latest app version.

Also, check if you can see the cloud icons in your History screen, If it only has an outline of a cloud, it has not been synced yet. To immediately upload any unsynced sessions, just hit the icon on the top right of the screen when you’re in history mode (a cloud with an up arrow). Unsynced data is only accessible on your phone, and not on any other devices or Fish Deeper Website.


If your session continues synchronizing without end, ensure that you have a stable internet connection. If synchronization does not happen despite a proper internet connection, please contact us at support@deeper.eu

If the session shows as synchronized on your application but does not appear on Fish Deeper Website, please contact us at support@deeper.eu