I cannot see my jig or fish during ice fishing

If you are unable to see your jig or see the movement of fish during ice fishing, please try the following:

  • Ensure that the Deeper is floating correctly and facing directly downwards. If it is tilted to the side, the sonar scanning cone may be going sideways and is unable to see the jig directly under it. If the sonar cone goes sideways, it may hit the sides of the ice hole and not reach the bottom. 
  • Do not leave attachment bolts inserted into the Deeper, this may offset the center of gravity and tilt it sideways. 
  • Clean your ice hole from ice and snow.
  • Ensure that Deeper is positioned in the very middle of the ice hole. 
  • Try dropping your jig from different positions around the Deeper.
  • Adjust your sensitivity in the application. Try 100% - this will create some sonar noise, but if the jig is barely visible, maximum sensitivity will highlight it. 

If you do not see your jig in particular lakes/rivers or ice holes, it may be due to an underwater current pushing your jig out of the sonar cone.

If you are still unable to see your jig, please contact us at support@deeper.eu