Sonar noise in ice fishing (thick ice)

Deeper PRO and PRO+ models will perform just fine in thick ice up to 1 meter (40 inches), however, some sonar noise may occur on the top of your screen.

It occurs because some of the sonar waves reflect from the borders of the ice and may cause slightly incorrect readings on the top part of the sonar screen. This will not affect the depth or structure reading function of the Deeper, and you can easily mark fishes and even see your jig with no problem.

Here's how you can reduce the amount of sonar noise from thick ice:

  • Drill larger ice holes if the ice is very thick. This will reduce the chance of the sonar cone hitting the side of the ice hole
  • Ensure your Deeper Sonar is positioned directly in the center of the ice hole
  • Drill vertical ice holes, keep the ice hole clean from ice and snow
  • If you are using CHIRP+, enable Narrow CHIRP beam (7°)

Here's an example how the noise looks like on the sonar (yellow lines and dots close to the surface). As you can see, the jig and fishes are still clearly visible.