Short Bluetooth connection range (Deeper 3.0)

If you experience the short connection range issues, that's most likely because of not considering some of the small tips & tricks below. Please note that the maximum connection range of Deeper Bluetooth is 40-45 meters, which can be achieved in ideal conditions, thus, it can vary depending on the environment the Deeper is used in.

First of all, check if you're using the right attachment bolt. When you fish from the dock, screw your attachment bolt to the middle hole. And please use the bottom one, if you're fishing from the shore. If you do not screw the bolt in the right way, Deeper bends in a diagonal position, therefore causing connectivity issues.

Furthermore, check if you hold your smartphone right and if you do not cover your Bluetooth antenna. If you do, it is almost impossible to have a good range so pay attention to that. Do not keep your smartphone on the ground or in the pocket either, take off top cases.

When your devices get disconnected, reconnect them when Deeper is 5-10 meters away from your smartphone. Then continue fishing.

Make sure that your app is up to date. It automatically updates when you connect your smartphone to Deeper if Deeper battery is charged more than 50%.

Have a look at our training video. It should help you get the most out of Deeper.

If you still experience the connection range issue, please contact our customer support team at or open a new ticket at