My Deeper PRO / PRO+ shows low resolution (pixelated) image when scanning shallow depths.

When scanning very shallow depths (1-3 meters / 3.2 ft - 9.8 ft) using Deeper PRO and PRO+, you may see lower resolution graphics compared to what you usually see if scanning deeper waters.

This is normal at shallow depths, and related to how sonars operate and display shallow depth data. Sonar beams penetrate the bottom and also partially show what is beneath it. So, when you scan shallow depths, a bigger part of the screen can be taken by the bottom and what's beneath it. This can prevent you from having a good overview of the water column.

Thus, when Deeper sonar scans shallow depths, the Deeper app zooms in on the water column, so that less of the screen would be taken by the echoes from the bottom.

As a result, the graphics lose resolution, but at the same you get a better view of what is between the bottom and the water surface.

Just as an example - here is a screenshot from an older version of the Deeper app, without the auto-zoom function. In this case, a bigger part of the screen is taken by the bottom, and it is harder to analyze the water column: