Weather function allows you to access a precise weather information for any location in the world. 

Weather forecast is divided into one hour segments, and you can view a weather forecast of up to 5 days. The weather forecast information is updated every 2 hours.
To see the weather information for your current location, you must enable GPS and Location services on your smartphone. Fish Deeper app must be given location permission – otherwise Weather function will not work.

You can search for weather information of any location, by using the search function. It can be accessed in the upper corner of the screen.

Weather forecast contains following data:
•    Temperature
•    Sunrise and sunset; moonrise and moonset
•    Precipitation
•    Wind speed
•    Humidity
•    Atmospheric Pressure
•    Daylight duration
•    Moon Phase
•    UV index
•    Cloud Cover
•    Visibility

Note: weather forecast data is provided by a third-party service provider and Deeper UAB has no control over this data.