What are my data saving options? (Synced vs Remote Data)

With your data synced, you now have more flexibility as to how you store it. You have 2 main options for how to keep your data – Synced (which means it is saved on both your phone and our cloud server) and Remote (which means it is only saved on our cloud server).

Synced data can be accessed on your phone and on any other iOS or Android device using the Fish Deeper App. Maps and scans can also be viewed on the Fish Deeper web portal. 

Remote data (which is only saved on our server) cannot be immediately accessed through the Fish Deeper App – if you want to view it on your phone or any other Android or iOS, you will need to download it from the cloud first. Maps and scans stored as remote data can be viewed on the Fish Deeper web portal.


Scans saved as Synced data will appear as normal in the app, whereas Remote data will still appear, but only as a grey outline. (see screenshot below).

Your scans will be saved as Synced data by default. To make a session into Remote data, which means it will not be taking up any space on your phone, just select the delete icon, then choose the option “Only delete from app”. Delete icon will appear if you hold a finger on the scan (or slide it to the left if you're using an Apple device).

You will still see the session in the app, but only as a grey outline. You can download it back to your device at any time.