How do I access bathymetric maps recorded using Deeper?

Bathymetric maps can be recorded only when you use Boat or On-shore GPS mode of the sonar. Recordings made in these sonar modes will contain both sonar and bathymetric data.

You can view the maps at any time while being on the lake, at home, or even from your home PC.

Viewing maps using the Deeper app History:

Simply head to History and click on the file entry that is related to the lake you've scanned. You will see the bathymetric map on the left side of the screen, and sonar data on the right.

Even if you've mapped the same lake on different days, the app will automatically combine all bits and pieces of your mapping, and show you the full bathymetric map.

Viewing your map on the lake that you've mapped before:

When out fishing, select the same sonar mode that you've previously used to map the lake: Settings -> Sonar mode. Afterwards, go back to the main screen of the Deeper app.

You will see the map on the left side, and all the bits and pieces of the map will automatically combine if it was made on different days. GPS of your phone/tablet must be enabled.

In order for the application to show your already created bathymetry on the map, it must be available on the memory of your phone. Sessions that are displayed in GREY in your "History" will not show while mapping as they are only available on Fish Deeper Web and need to be downloaded first.

Viewing your maps in Fish Deeper Web using your phones internet browser or PC:

First of all, you would need to ensure that your History is synchronized with our cloud servers. Afterwards, log on to Fish Deeper Web and you will see your maps and scans there.

Fish Deeper Website uses the same account details that are used in the Deeper app, so no additional registration is needed.