Points of Interest (Places and Catches)

FishDeeper application allows you to mark points of interest directly on the bathymeric map. There are two types of points of interest that you can save: Places and Catches.

Places are your points of interest that represent fishing spots, docks, camping or any other places of interest. You can also calculate distance from your location to the saved Place, as well as see the exact coordinates of the Place.
Catches are spots where you've caught a fish. App will also display exact coordinates of the Catch.

Mark Places and Catches

There are 2 ways of marking Places and Catches using the application:

When scanning or in the app home screen. To mark a Place or a Catch, click a Plus icon on the bottom left side of the map, and select what kind of point of interest you wish to mark – either Place or a Catch. Then, navigate the map with your finger to select the spot you wish to mark the point of interest on.

When viewing History. Head to History screen of the app, and select any session made using Boat or On-shore GPS mode. A map will appear on the left side of the screen. Click a Plus icon on the bottom corner of the map to mark a point of interest.

Edit the details of Places and Catches

Once Place or Catch is saved on the map, you can edit the details of it by adding notes, photos, selecting the fishing technique or bait that was used to catch a fish.

To Edit the details, navigate to your previously saved Place or Catch mark, and click on its icon. A pop-up will appear in the top corner of the map – click on it to access the details of the point of interest.

Then, click Edit to edit the details of the Place or Catch. Following details can be edited:

  • Notes
  • Photos
  • Time and date
  • Type of place
  • Type of fish
  • Fish length and weight
  • Bait/Lure
  • Fishing technique

Map layers

Map layers allow you to adjust the amount of information displayed on the Map. You can enable only particular Points of Interest to be displayed or turn off display of bathymetric data on the map.


Calculating distance from your smartphone to a Place mark

You can calculate the distance from your smartphone to a selected Place. This can be helpful when planning your fishing trips and navigating, as well as calculating casting distance from yourself to an interesting spot on the map.

To do so:
1. Mark a Place on the map;
2. Once the Place mark appears on the map, click on it;
3. Pop-up will appear on the top corner of the screen. Click on it to access Place details;
4. Distance from your smartphone to the Place will be shown in the top right corner.


Note: Distance calculation is done using GPS of your smartphone. All GPS devices have a position calculation discrepancy, which depends on the smartphone specifications as well as conditions of usage. GPS accuracy is weaker if there are heavy clouds or rain. It can also be blocked by overhead obstacles like branches and power lines. Considering these factors, discrepancy in distance calculation can be expected.