Deeper 3.0 / PRO / PRO+ / CHIRP doesn't charge, what to do?

If the Deeper stopped emitting the LED light when it's connected to the charger (or emits a red light), it most likely means that the Deeper has some hardware issues and needs servicing. 

However, in some very rare situations, it might be caused due to using improper or broken charging cables.

Therefore, in order to reproduce this, please try using the different (other) chargers including the wall-charger of your smartphone/tablet and see if the device starts charging. Plug the charger in and leave it to charge for an hour, then plug it out and back in again to see if the LED light starts flashing. 

If it starts blinking the orange LED light, it means that the cause was the charging cable and the Deeper started charging.

If it does not help, please contact our customer support team at or open a new ticket.