Connection and playback

In order to connect to your Deeper sonar, please do the following:

  1. Put your Deeper Sonar in the water close to the shore, up to 5 meters / 16 feet from your smartphone.
  2. Go to the Wi-Fi connections (settings) of your smartphone. In the list of available Wi-Fi connections, find your Deeper Sonar and connect to it. If it asks for a password – it’s 12345678
  3. Then, open the Fish Deeper app and connect to your sonar. Make sure that the app is granted access to determine your location, and GPS is enabled on your phone.


  • Make sure the app is granted location access permission, and the GPS of your phone is enabled.
  • If your Deeper is left out of water for longer than 5 minutes, it will automatically turn off. So, you will need to reconnect to it via Wi-Fi of your smartphone prior to using again.
  • You might see an error “no internet connection” when connecting to your sonar via WiFi. You can ignore this error message.


Data rewind

When your Deeper sonar is connected and scanning, you can rewind the scan by pressing anywhere on the screen and scrolling it to the right. This is helpful in case you’ve missed something and wish to go back and review it again.

When rewinding, a button with an arrow will appear:

You can press in order to go back to the most recent sonar data.

Pausing the scan or starting a new scan.

To pause any scan, click on the Scanning mode icon on the status bar.

Then, select Pause scan.

When scanning is paused, Wi-Fi connection with your Deeper is still active, but the sonar will not record any data, thus preserving the battery. You can resume the scan at any time.

You can also start a new scanning session of your choice.