In the top right corner, you will find the Status Bar. Status Bar shows the most essential information from left to right: status of your Deeper sonar, time, battery life and so on.

Current status of the Deeper Sonar – shows the current status of your Deeper sonar:

Sonar mode – Sonar scanning mode that is currently used.

Charging Your sonar is plugged in to a power source and the battery is charging.

Connected - Your Deeper Sonar is successfully connected to your mobile device.

Not Connected - The connection between your Deeper Sonar and your mobile device has not been established or was interrupted.

Out of water - Your sonar device is out of the water but is still connected to your mobile device.

GPS found – The GPS connection of your Deeper is accurate enough for bathymetric mapping. This status appears only in On-shore GPS mode (PRO+ or CHIRP+ models).

Looking for GPS – The GPS connection of your Deeper is being established. This status appears only in On-shore GPS mode (PRO+ or CHIRP+ models). Click here for the tips on how to increase the GPS connectivity.

Too shallow or too deep Your sonar is unable to get an accurate depth reading. The most common cause of this is that the water is too shallow or too deep. Deeper sonars have depth requirements for accurate scanning:

Deeper PRO, PRO+ - Narrow beam min depth 2ft / 0.5m; Wide beam min depth 4.3ft / 1.3m. Max depth (both beams) 260ft / 80m

Deeper START - Min depth 4.3ft / 1.3m; Max depth 160ft / 50m
Deeper CHIRP models Min depth: 5.9 in / 0.15 m. Narrow CHIRP. 23.6 in / 0.6 m. Medium CHIRP. 31.4 in / 0.8 m. Wide CHIRP. Max depth (all beams): 328 ft. / 100 meters

This message can also appear if the sonar has tilted as it is being reeled in or trolled, which results in it not scanning straight down. It will also be shown if you are scanning in artificial waters like bathtubs or swimming pools.

Time: Shows current time.

Device battery: Shows the battery charge percentage of your smart device and the Deeper sonar.

Water temperature and movement speed: Shows water temperature and boat movement speed, if your sonar is set to Boat mode (not supported in Deeper Start model)

Settings – opens sonar settings menu.