History stores all your recorded scans. It can store an unlimited amount of data. Every recording can be scrolled through from beginning to end. You are also able to see the exact date and time when the scan was made, plus the depth and fish icons. You can also rename any record by pressing the Edit button on the right side of the screen and typing in your desired title or a comment. For Android devices, to delete your records you have to tap on the history item you want to delete and hold for a second, after which a delete icon will appear in top right of the screen. For iOS devices, you have to tap on the History item you want to delete and then swipe left, which will cause the Delete and Rename buttons to appear.

Synchronizing data

It is possible to back up all the scans you make with your Deeper on our secured cloud server. This can be helpful for:

Accessing all your data on any Android or iOS device through the Fish Deeper App using your unique Deeper login.
Viewing your scans as well as your maps on any computer through Fish Deeper website.
Freeing up space on your smartphone without losing your scans – you can save your data in the Deeper cloud only.
Getting all your existing scans on a new device when, for example, you buy a new phone.
Any new maps or scans you make will be synced with our cloud server automatically, but this may not happen straight away.

If the session has a cloud icon with a tick, then it is already synced. If it only has an outline of a cloud, it has not been synced yet.

To immediately upload any unsynchronized sessions, just hit the icon on the top right of the screen (a cloud with an up arrow) when you are in History mode. Please ensure that your phone is connected to a stable internet network when syncing.

With your data synced, you now have more flexibility as to how you store it. You have 2 main options for how to keep your data:

-          Synced - this type of data is saved on both your phone and our cloud server. It can be accessed through your phone and any other device using the Deeper App. Maps and scans can also be viewed on Fish Deeper website. Synced data is accessible on any device, and maps and scans can be viewed on Fish Deeper web portal.

-          Remote - this type of data is only saved on our cloud server. Itcannot be immediately accessed through the Deeper App – if you want to view it on your phone or any other Android or iOS device, you will need to download it from the cloud first through the Deeper App. Maps and scans stored as remote data can still be viewed on the Fish Deeper web portal.

Your scans will be saved as Synced data by default. To convert a session into Remote data, which means it will not be taking up any space on your phone, just select the delete icon, then choose the option “Only delete from app”. The delete icon will appear if you hold a finger on the scan (or slide it to the left if you're using an Apple device). Scans saved as Synced data will appear as normal in the app, whereas Remote data will still appear, but only as a gray outline.