"Too shallow or too deep" error message.

If you're getting the "too shallow or too deep" error message, first of all check if the depth you're fishing at is sufficient for the Deeper.

Fishfinder 3.0 / PRO / PRO+ Deeper models require at least 4.3 ft. (1.3 m) of depth to operate when using the Wide beam, and at least 2 ft (0.5 m) when using the Narrow beam.

Deeper Start requires at least 1.6 ft (0.5 m.) of depth.

Deeper CHIRP+ requires 6 in (0.15 m.) of depth in order to operate, when using Narrow CHIRP beam.

It is also important to use the latest version of our App.

If you're casting the Deeper with a fishing rod, please make sure you are using the right attachment position for the line, to ensure the stability of the device when it is reeled back. When you fish from the dock or bridge, screw your attachment bolt to the middle hole. Use the bottom one, if you're fishing from the shore. It is important that your Deeper does not tilt when trolled. When it tilts it scans the water surface rather than the bottom, therefore causing connectivity and readings issue.

If you have the Deeper attached to a vessel, it is important to check the positioning of the Deeper, and ensure that it is not positioned too close to the border of the vessel. If it is positioned too close, the ultra-sound emitted by the Deeper may reflect from the border, causing incorrect readings to appear. The very bottom of the device should point onto the bottom of the lake for the best accuracy of data.