How should I go about caring for and maintaining my Deeper Quest?

Storage: Store your Deeper Quest in a dry place when not in use to prevent moisture damage and corrosion.

Cleaning: Regularly clean your bait boat after each use, especially if it has been in dirty conditions. Use fresh water to rinse off any debris and ensure that all components are thoroughly dried before storage.

Battery Care: Ensure the batteries are charged at least once every six months, even when the Deeper Quest is not in use.

Propeller Maintenance: Check the propellers regularly for any signs of damage or debris that may affect performance. Clean the propellers as needed to ensure smooth operation.

Software Updates: If you're using the latest FishDeeper application, you'll automatically receive the latest firmware for your Deeper Quest. Keeping your FishDeeper application up to date ensures optimal performance, fixes any bugs, and enhances overall functionality.