Operation and Application Features

What are the best methods for consistently achieving a range of up to 400 meters?

a. Raise the remote control to at least 1.2 meters above the water level, preferably using a tripod. Higher elevation may further extend the range. b. Ensure that both the remote control and the Deeper Quest's antennas are fully vertical to the water level. c. Be mindful of any obstacles like trees or tree branches, as they can limit the range. Additionally, consider environmental factors such as other nearby radio devices that may interfere with the signal of Deeper Quest. d. Use Antenna Ext...

How many GPS points can the bait boat/Autopilot store?

Autopilot and Sonar are operated through the FishDeeper mobile app. There is no limit to the number of points (points of interest) you can save on the map within the app. You can instruct the Autopilot of the Deeper Quest to navigate to any of those points. You can also select a rectangular or square-shaped area on the map, and Deeper Quest will automatically scan that area with its sonar and build a depth map. Additionally, you have the option to create a path of points on the map for the Dee...

How can I ensure that I never lose my Deeper Quest Bait Boat?

a. The Deeper Quest comes equipped with safety features specifically designed to prevent such situations: Return to Range Functionality: The Deeper Quest is designed with a return to range feature, ensuring that if it strays beyond the connection range, it will autonomously navigate back into range. This feature helps you maintain control and track of your boat, even if it ventures too far. Return to Home When Battery is Low: Additionally, the Deeper Quest boasts the capability to return to th...

How can I make the most of the built-in sonar features of the Deeper Quest?

The built-in sonar in the Deeper Quest is CHIRP+2, offering advanced capabilities for precise underwater scanning. It includes the same features as CHIRP+2 model. For detailed interpretations of sonar readings, we recommend referring to our articles on sonar data analysis and interpretation: https://deepersonar.com/pages/how-sonars-work https://deepersonar.com/pages/how-to-read-a-fish-finder-chirp

How do I set ‘Home point’ on the map?

Switch On: Turn on both the boat and the remote control. Place in Water: Ensure the Deeper Quest bait boat is placed in the water at the desired location where you want to designate as the "Home point". Check Autopilot LED: Verify that the Autopilot LED light on the boat is green, indicating that the GPS connection is established. This is crucial for accurately marking the "Home point" on the map. Control Remotely: Use the remote control to slightly move the boat forward. Verify on Map: Once...

What happens if the Deeper Quest loses connection while executing an Autopilot mission?

If the Deeper Quest loses connection during an Autopilot mission, the Deeper Quest will re-establish connection by returning into range. Check out our tips for achieving maximum range by following the link: Once it’s back in range, you can choose to resume the mission or cancel and plan a new mission within range.

Does the Deeper Quest bait boat feature a stealth mode, and if so, how does it operate?

The Deeper Quest bait boat's stealth mode reduces speed by up to 85% and turns off LED lights to minimize noise and disturbance to fish.

Can I combine the two main hoppers of the bait boat into one larger compartment?

Yes, you can. The bait boat contains two main hoppers separated by a plastic wall, which can be easily removed. Simply unscrew the handle holding the plastic wall, remove the wall, and then screw the handle back into place. This process requires no technical skill. As a result, you'll have one big hopper compartment instead of two, providing flexibility in bait storage based on your preferences or needs.