How can I ensure that I never lose my Deeper Quest Bait Boat?

a. The Deeper Quest comes equipped with safety features specifically designed to prevent such situations:

Return to Range Functionality: The Deeper Quest is designed with a return to range feature, ensuring that if it strays beyond the connection range, it will autonomously navigate back into range. This feature helps you maintain control and track of your boat, even if it ventures too far.

Return to Home When Battery is Low: Additionally, the Deeper Quest boasts the capability to return to the home point automatically when the boat's battery or the remote control's battery hits 5%. This proactive feature prevents the boat from becoming stranded or lost due to a depleted battery.

b. Nevertheless, we recommend taking additional precautions. If you're using the autopilot feature at distances greater than 300 meters from the shore, it's crucial to assess whether the Deeper Quest Bait Boat will remain within direct line of sight from your position throughout the autopilot mission. In the event of communication loss, the boat will attempt to return to the range in a straight line towards you. Therefore, it's essential to ensure that there are no obstacles obstructing its path.

Always assess the real circumstances before initiating any autopilot mission. Ensure that there are no objects above the water, such as islands or vegetation, in the autopilot trajectory.

We strongly advise against setting missions for the autopilot if there are any surface objects on the water between the mission location and your position, such as islands or vegetation.

It's recommended to refrain from using the Deeper Quest Bait Boat if the battery level of the bait boat or the remote control is nearing 5%.

Avoid deploying the Deeper Quest Bait Boat in extremely challenging weather conditions, such as heavy rain, strong winds, or high waves. While the boat is equipped to handle adverse conditions with its Co-pilot's feature, it's essential to exercise caution and avoid unnecessary risks.