What are the best methods for consistently achieving a range of up to 400 meters?

a. Raise the remote control to at least 1.2 meters above the water level, preferably using a tripod. Higher elevation may further extend the range.

b. Ensure that both the remote control and the Deeper Quest's antennas are fully vertical to the water level.

c. Be mindful of any obstacles like trees or tree branches, as they can limit the range. Additionally, consider environmental factors such as other nearby radio devices that may interfere with the signal of Deeper Quest. 

d. Use Antenna Extension Module (included in Deeper Quest set)

If using Autopilot mode at distances exceeding 300 meters from shore, it's essential to assess whether the Deeper Quest will remain within your line of sight throughout the mission. If contact is lost, the boat will attempt to return in a straight line, so it's best to avoid any obstacles in its path.