Sharing, printing and downloading

Select any scan and click on the expandable menu (three dots):

Printing: will allow you to print out the map.

Bathymetry: Auto and Fast displays will use the exact mapping data you gathered to fill in estimated depths for sections nearby using special algorithms. The Detailed option will show only the exact bathymetric data that your Deeper gathered, without any post-processing.

Sharing: The third icon on the menu is for sharing. Click this and a unique link will be created. Then just copy the link and send it to anyone you want to share this map. Please note that only bathymetric map can be shared at the moment, and it is not possible to share the sonar scan data.

The link to your bathymetric map can be opened by anyone, including people who don’t have a Deeper account. If the person accesses the link that you have shared, he will only see the bathymetric map. Any other data available on your account will be inaccessible.

Downloading: The fourth icon is for downloading your data. Click this icon and you will get a download of all your mapping data in CSV format. You can then use this raw data in other mapping applications and programs. Exported data appear in .CSV format that will contain such values as latitude, longitude, depth and a timestamp. Timestamp will appear as the number of milliseconds that have elapsed since 00:00:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), Thursday, 1 January 1970. (UNIX Time)

Please note that GPS records latitude and longitude values approximately every second, thus you may see those data values indicated as 0 - which happens if the depth was recorded, but the coordinates were not. The sonar itself scans about 15 times per second, this is why most data lines are without coordinates. 

 It is only possible to export data that was created in Boat or On-shore GPS modes. Recordings made using Scan-only and Ice Fishing modes contain only the sonar data, which cannot be exported.