Viewing and analyzing your maps and scans

Once you are logged in, on the left side of the screen you will see a list of the locations where you have used your Deeper.

You will see only maps and scans that synced via the History of the Fish Deeper app. Learn more about data synchronization here.

You will also see Global bathymetric maps if you have a Fish Deeper Premium subscription active.


If you did not name the sessions, they will be listed as Untitled. Click on a location to view your data. Fish Deeper website will show both sonar scans - on the bottom of the screen- and bathymetric mapping data – shown on the map. Bathymetry will only be shown if the scan was made in Boat Mode or Onshore GPS Mode.

You will see that your maps and scans are grouped by location (all scans are grouped by the water body ).

Once you have selected the location and sessions you want, you are ready to start analyzing them. What you see on screen will vary depending on the fishing mode you used for scanning at that location:

- For Scan-only mode and Ice Fishing Mode, you will see a split screen. On the top half there is a map with pins marking the different locations where you scanned. The bottom half shows the scans themselves.

- For Boat Mode and Onshore GPS, you also see a split screen. This time the Bathymetric map you created is shown on the top half, and the scans that were recorded while you were mapping are shown on the bottom half.


Scrolling your scans

You can scroll through your scans from right to left. Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen or click on the scan and move your mouse.

For scans made using Boat Mode and Onshore GPS mode, you will notice that an arrow icon is shown on the map itself. This icon shows where the scanning data you are looking at now was made. As you scroll through your scan, the icon will move on the map. This enables you to locate exact points on the map where you marked a fish or located some good structure. You can also click on a particularly interesting point on the bathymetric map and see the sonar scan in that precise area.

You also have the option to add or remove fish icons from your scans.


Instant depth and GPS data

When analyzing your bathymetric maps, simply click on any part of the map you have created. A pop-up box will appear with the GPS coordinates and depth at that exact spot.


Other useful display tools

Location: if you are using a GPS-enabled device to access, you can see your exact location.

Zoom: In the top right of the screen there is a plus / minus icon. Use this for zooming in or out.

Map settings and Map legend: Below the zoom icon is a menu for changing your viewing settings. Click on this then select either Map (for a simple map display) or Satellite (for a satellite image). You can also configure which labels and points of interest should be displayed, as well as change the bathymetry color palette.

Distance measurement: Below the map settings menu there is a ruler icon. Click this and you can now measure distances – just click one spot and then another, and you will get a distance reading between the two.