Managing your data

Uploading your data to Fish Deeper Web

The maps and scans you create in the Deeper App will automatically sync with the Deeper cloud server. It takes 24 hours for the scans to be synced automatically. Once they are synced, you can access them on

To check if a fishing session has been synced, go to History in the Deeper App. Here you will find a record of all your fishing sessions with your Deeper. If a session has been synced, it will have a green cloud icon with a tick.

If it has not been synced yet, the icon will be only the outline of a cloud with no tick. To sync any unsynced sessions, press the icon in the top right corner of the screen – a white cloud with an up arrow.

It can take up to one minute for new data to be added to Fish Deeper Website from the App. You should also refresh the web page for the new data to be visible. You can read more about data synchronization here.


Deleting your data

At the moment, there is no option to delete scans or maps using the Fish Deeper website directly.

In order to delete data from the website, you would need to go to the Fish Deeper app -> History.

When there, press and hold the scan or map you wish to delete (or swipe it to the left if you're using an iOS device). Delete option will appear, and you will need to select "Delete from everywhere". This will result in the scan being deleted both form the phone and Fish Deeper Web.

Please note that after deleting the scan or map using this method, it will be deleted with no option of recovery.