Basics for Boat and Kayak fishing with Deeper (Deeper PRO/CHIRP models)

Make sure your sonar is water-proof. If you are using Deeper CHIRP or PRO models, always make sure the top cover of your Deeper is attached properly. ‘Water’ and ‘Proof’ marks should align perfectly.

  1. Put the cap on the Deeper case by aligning the waterproof marks, but don't screw it just yet;
  2. Carefully screw counterclockwise till it dips in;
  3. As soon as it dips, start screwing clockwise. Close it tightly until the “water proof” marks align perfectly.

Initial connection:

  1. Put your Deeper Sonar in the water. We recommend using Deeper Flexible Arm Mount when using your Deeper with a boat or kayak.
  2. Go to the Wi-Fi connections (settings) of your smartphone. In the list of available Wi-Fi connections, find your Deeper Sonar and connect to it. If it asks for a password – it’s 12345678
  3. Then, open the Fish Deeper app and connect to your sonar. Make sure that the app is granted access to determine your location, and GPS is enabled on your phone.
  4. Enable Boat mode setting on the app.

The Deeper PRO/PRO+/CHIRP+ are suitable for trolling from your kayak or boat using the Deeper Flexible Arm Mount. You can also cast these devices out from your vessel to scan hard-to-reach-spots or to avoid trolling over your target areas. The Deeper START is suitable for casting from your kayak or boat.


Once you have mounted your Deeper PRO/PRO+/CHIRP+ to your kayak or boat using the Deeper Flexible Arm Mount, you are ready to troll. Trolling at higher speeds (for example, 3.5 mph / 5 kmph) is suitable for getting general depth readings. Slow down to 2mph / 3kmph or slower for accurate fish finding and detailed scanning of underwater structure.



The Fish Deeper app uses the GPS in your smartphone or tablet to create bathymetric (underwater contour) maps as you troll. For this function, select boat mode (Settings > Boat mode). You will get a split screen display showing both your mapping and your sonar readings.

If you are using the Deeper PRO or PRO+, it is recommended to use Narrow beam (290 kHz) for higher accuracy of the mapping. If you are using the CHIRP, we recommend using High CHIRP or Mid CHIRP for higher accuracy of mapping.


For scanning, you can continue in Boat Mode. The split screen display will show you scans as well, and you can adjust how much of the screen is taken up by the map). Don’t forget there are 3 color palettes to choose from (Settings > Sonar > Screen Color Mode).

You can read more about the color palettes here.