GPS connection and use

Smartphone / tablet GPS

The Deeper App uses your smartphone or tablet’s GPS for a variety of mapping functions, including bathymetric mapping as you troll, saving the location of your scans, and GPS Ice Hole Marking. For these functions your smartphone / tablet needs to be within 3ft / 1m of your Deeper sonar. If the devices are far apart, the location information for your sonar readings will be incorrect.


Inbuilt GPS (Deeper PRO+ and Deeper CHIRP+)

The Deeper PRO+ and CHIRP+ has an inbuilt GPS receiver. This means that these models do not need to be in the same location as your smartphone in order to create maps, so you can map by casting it out.

When you have selected Onshore GPS mode, look for the satellite status in the top left corner of the map:

-          GPS found means your Deeper GPS location has been fixed, and you are ready to start mapping.

-          Looking for GPS means your Deeper is processing satellite information and currently the location of your device is either unknown or not precise enough for mapping. Let your Deeper float in the water for up to 10 minutes until it acquires a better GPS signal.

-          If the “Looking for GPS” status doesn’t change to “GPS found” for a long time, this could be because your Deeper is indoors or under the roof of a boat, because the device is submerged, or because the surroundings are blocking the GPS signal (for example, in a gorge or a mountainous area).

-          “Weak GPS signal” status indicates that the GPS signal is available, but it is not accurate enough to create depth maps. Let your Deeper float in the water for up to 10 minutes until it acquires a better GPS signal.

Maximizing GPS connectivity for Onshore GPS mode

There are some steps you can follow to improve the GPS connection when using Onshore GPS mode:

- Give your Deeper time to establish a strong GPS connection. The GPS receiver in your Deeper has to connect with satellites orbiting the earth, and this connection may not be instant. Furthermore, the availability of these satellites can vary on different days, which means establishing a strong GPS connection can be fast one day and slow the next. We recommend putting your Deeper in the water, enabling Onshore GPS mode, then waiting for 5-10 min before casting it out.

- Check if the status of GPS is green. Once your Deeper has established a good GPS connection, the GPS status will be shown as “GPS found”. After casting out your Deeper, please double check the GPS status. If it has turned back “Looking for GPS”, wait a few moments for the GPS connection to be re-established.

Check the conditions and surroundings. GPS signals can be affected by weather conditions and obstacles. The signal may be weaker if there are heavy clouds or rain. It can also be blocked by overhead obstacles like branches and power lines.

- Reel in your Deeper at a slow and steady pace. If you reel in too fast, the Deeper may submerge underwater and lose the GPS connection.