Improving connection range


  1. Reel in your Deeper device slowly. If it submerges underwater when reeled in, the connection may be lost.
  2. Choose the correct phone settings:
    • Apple iOS - Disable "Mobile data" and "WiFi assist". To find "WiFi assist" go to "Settings" -> "Mobile/Cellular data" -> Scroll down to the very bottom 
    • Android - Disable "Mobile data". Search "WiFi settings" for one of these settings "Smart network switch" / "WiFi+" / "Auto network switch" / "Adaptive WiFi" and, if found, disable it. 
  3. Use the correct attachment bolt position.
  4. If any corrosion or discoloration is visible on the 2 metal pins on the bottom of your sonar, clean them with a rough sponge. (3 pins for Deeper Start)
  5. Avoid holding the phone on the ground or in your pockets. We recommend keeping your phone on the same level as your chest.
  6. If you use a phone cover, remove it.
  7. Avoid standing close to metal objects.

All Deeper devices create their own Wi-Fi signal which is used to send sonar data to your smartphone or tablet. An internet or cellular network signal is not needed. Please note the maximum connection range of 100m / 330ft for the PRO/PRO+/CHIRP, 50m / 165ft for the START, 40m / 130ft for Deeper 3.0 can be achieved only in perfect conditions. Being able to achieve the maximum connection range also depends on the smartphone / tablet you are using - smartphones / tablets with a strong reception antenna will allow you to achieve the maximum connection range.


Smartphone / tablet settings

You can find a detailed explanation of how to connect to your Deeper in our Quick Guides. To achieve the maximum connection range, you should turn off Mobile Data. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you should also switch off the Wi-Fi Assist function. This function means your smartphone will automatically switch from a Wi-Fi signal to cellular data if the Wi-Fi signal gets weaker. So, when you cast out your Deeper Sonar longer distances, your smartphone detects that the Wi-Fi signal has got weaker and switches to cellular data, disconnecting your Deeper. Some Android devices have similar functions called Smart Network Switch.

Positioning your smartphone or tablet

Always position your smartphone / tablet in a way that will allow it to easily receive the Wi-Fi signal from your Deeper sonar.

When you are pairing your devices at the start of a new session, put your Deeper in the water close to your smartphone (around 6.5ft / 2m). Once the Wi-Fi connection has been established you can cast the device out further.

Always try to keep your smartphone / tablet in an elevated position relative to the water line – aim for 3-5ft / 1–1.5 m above the water line. Using the Deeper Smartphone Mount for Rods is a good way to keep your smartphone in a high position where it can easily connect with your Deeper.

Avoid putting your smartphone / tablet on the ground, or in your pocket when you are not looking at the display. This might block the Wi-Fi signal and you will then need to reconnect.

Using a smartphone case/holder that is attached to your body can inhibit your smartphone’s ability to pick up the Wi-Fi signal and can cause connectivity issues. If you experience connection issues while using a case/holder like this, remove your phone from the case.

Phone cases that are made of metal or carbon can decrease the connection range. If you experience connection issues while using a case like this, remove your phone from the case.

Keeping your device floating correctly

Wi-Fi signals cannot travel through water. This means that if your Deeper device is submerged under the water, or hanging above it, the signal will not be able to reach your smartphone or tablet.

For 3.0/ PRO / PRO+ / CHIRP models, use the bottom attachment point for shore / bank fishing and the middle attachment point for casting from a pier or dock. This will ensure your Deeper is floating correctly.

For boat / kayak fishing with a Deeper 3.0/ PRO/PRO+/CHIRP, make sure the side of the boat is not blocking the signal between your Deeper device and your smartphone. Please note that while you are mounting your Deeper, the boat may tilt to one side. Therefore, make sure that it is positioned correctly when you are in the middle of the boat and it is not tilted. For the most accurate sonar readings when boat fishing, the recommended trolling speed is up to 2.7 mph / 5 kmph.

When reeling in your Deeper sonar, make sure your retrieve it slowly to ensure water doesn't go over your Deeper, blocking the signal.

In rough weather, strong waves can submerge your Deeper device, causing the Wi-Fi signal to be interrupted.

Connection with Radio-controlled boats (bait boats)

The Deeper was not specifically designed to be used with RC bait boats, and even though it is possible, radio interference can be expected, especially if the boat uses 2.4 GHz connection. If your RC boat controller supports radio interference reduction functions - you should enable it.

Here are additional tips on how the connection can be improved:

  • Position the Deeper in a way that the water level is in between the very bottom of the Deeper and the orange or black seal in the middle (but never goes beyond it). Ensure that the Deeper is not submerged, and only the very bottom of the Deeper is touching the water.
  • Consider a slightly slower trolling speed when using the Deeper with a bait boat to avoid the Deeper getting covered by a wave.
  • Try to position the Deeper in the front of the boat, instead of the back. If the Deeper is attached in the back, it may be submerged by the current generated by boat motor. 
  • Keep the boat controller as far away from your phone as possible to avoid interference. 
  • If possible, consider changing your RC Bait Boat controller. Different controllers provide different results. Look out for controllers that use AFHSS or have some other form of interference reduction.