Connection issues with the Deeper 3.0’s Bluetooth connection

Firstly, please bear in mind that the connection range of 40 m (130ft.) is the maximum range the Deeper 3.0 can achieve, and this range is only achievable in very good conditions and a smartphone / tablet that has a strong reception antenna. Conditions like bad weather, or using an incorrect attachment position, may reduce the connection range.

First, check that you are holding your smartphone correctly and not covering its Bluetooth antenna. Positioning of the Bluetooth antenna may vary depending on the model of your smartphone / tablet. Do not keep your smartphone on the ground or in your pocket and remove any smartphone cases.

 Make sure that your Deeper App is up to date. If you’re using the latest version of the app and it fails to connect to your Deeper even though you have successfully established a Bluetooth connection previously, please follow these steps:

 Remove (Forget) Deeper from your smartphone's Bluetooth devices.

  1. Restart your phone;
  2. Connect your Deeper to a charger;
  3. Pair your Deeper with your smartphone again.

Please also note that it is only possible to connect to your Deeper using one smart device at a time. This means it will be impossible to connect to a Deeper Sonar if it is already connected to another phone or tablet. To switch off all current connections, simply take the Deeper out of the water, wipe it and wait for 5 minutes for the unit to turn off. Then, put it in the water again and connect.

If these tips do not solve the issue, please reach out to the Deeper Support team.