Connection issues with Deeper’s Wi-Fi

Firstly, please bear in mind that the connection ranges of 100m / 330ft (PRO/PRO+/CHIRP) and 50m / 165ft (START) are maximum ranges and can only be achieved in perfect conditions and with a smartphone or tablet that has a strong reception antenna. Conditions like bad weather or using an incorrect attachment point may reduce the connection range.


Optimal smartphone settings

To ensure a better connection range, first switch off Mobile Data on your smartphone / tablet, as this can affect the strength of your Wi-Fi signal. Mobile data strongly reduces the amount of information your device can send via its Wi-Fi connection.

For iPhones and iPads, it is very important to turn off the Wi-Fi assist feature as this feature can automatically switch off the connection with your Deeper. You can find this feature in the settings menu of your device.

Some Android phones have a similar feature, although the name of it may vary depending on the model of the phone. On Samsung phones, it is called Smart network switch. Other Android phones may have a similar feature with a different name. Please make sure that you turn off any settings that make your smartphone automatically disconnect from Wi-Fi networks with a poor internet connection. Other possible names for this feature include: Adaptive Wi-Fi / Auto Network Switch / Wi-Fi+.

If you’re using any VPN services that may require a Wi-FI connection it is better to turn them off. If you don’t, the Deeper App may have difficulties connecting to the device automatically.


Positioning of the smartphone/tablet

Do not to keep your smartphone or tablet on the ground while using the Deeper, as this can also reduce the strength of the signal. We recommend keeping the smartphone on the same level as your chest. Using Deeper Smartphone Mount or a tri-pod for your smartphone can help you achieve that.

If you are using a smartphone case, it’s better to take it off as it may absorb the signal.



Please also note that it is only possible to connect to the Deeper using one smart device at a time. This means it will be impossible to connect to a Deeper Sonar if it is already connected to another phone or tablet. To switch off all current connections, simply take the Deeper out of the water, wipe it and wait for 5 minutes for the unit to turn off. Then, put it in the water again and connect.

If the device connects when on charge but does not connect when in the water, please check the water sensors on the bottom (the two metal points on the bottom housing of your Deeper). You can clean them by roughly scrubbing them with a sponge, or an electronic contact cleaner can be used if needed.


Reeling and casting

Always make sure that you are reeling in the Deeper at a slow and steady pace. If you are reeling it in too fast, the device will submerge underwater and disconnect from your smartphone.

For the 3.0/PRO/PRO+/CHIRP models, make sure you are using the correct attachment point in order to ensure a stable connection.

When fishing from a dock or bridge, screw your attachment bolt to the middle attachment point.

Use the bottom attachment point if you're fishing from the shore. It is important that your Deeper does not tilt when being trolled or reeled. When it tilts, it scans the water surface rather than the bottom, giving inaccurate readings, and it’s Wi-Fi transmissions can be blocked, causing connectivity issues.


Make sure your Deeper is connected via Wi-Fi before using it.

Before using the FishDeeper app alongside with the Deeper, make sure the Deeper is connected via Wi-Fi:

  1. Put the Deeper in the water close to the shore (within 5m / 16 ft from your smartphone);
  2. Go to Wi-Fi connections of your smartphone. Deeper Wi-Fi hotspot should appear in the list of available connections.
  3. Connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot of the Deeper. If it asks for a password, it’s 12345678
  4. Open the Fish Deeper application and connect to your Deeper.

Note: When connecting over Wi-Fi, you may see an error “no internet connection” or “internet connection may not be available”. You can ignore this error message – it will have not affect the connection in any way.


Connection with Radio-controlled boats (bait boats)

The Deeper was not specifically designed to be used with RC bait boats, and even though it is possible, radio interference can be expected, especially if the boat uses 2.4 GHz connection. If your RC boat controller supports radio interference reduction functions - you should enable it.

Here are additional tips on how the connection can be improved:

  • Position the Deeper in a way that the water level is in between the very bottom of the Deeper and the orange or black seal in the middle (but never goes beyond it). Ensure that the Deeper is not submerged, and only the very bottom of the Deeper is touching the water.
  • Consider a slightly slower trolling speed when using the Deeper with a bait boat to avoid the Deeper getting covered by a wave.
  • Try to position the Deeper in the front of the boat, instead of the back. If the Deeper is attached in the back, it may be submerged by the current generated by boat motor. 
  • Keep the boat controller as far away from your phone as possible to avoid interference. 
  • If possible, consider changing your RC Bait Boat controller. Different controllers provide different results. Look out for controllers that use AFHSS or have some other form of interference reduction.