Sonar settings can be accessed by clicking the gear icon on the top right corner. This will open a menu with all available settings for your model of Deeper sonar. You can close the menu at any time by sliding it to the right.

Fishing mode lets you choose between these fishing modes: Onshore, Boat, Ice fishing, Bait Boat, Show Scan Only, Scan Only (without GPS). This setting is not available for Deeper START.

Sonar display – switch between Raw and Basic sonar display. Raw sonar display shows detailed sonar, without any filtering. Basic sonar display filters out the amount of information and shows only the basic data – bottom structure, depth, fishes. Deeper START has Basic sonar display enabled by default.

Beam angle – switch between the sonar beam angles of your Deeper sonar. This setting is not available for Deeper START

Sensitivity – controls how much detail is shown on the display and can be used to adjust the sensitivity of all sonar frequencies. If you use a high sensitivity, the sonar display will show everything, including small baitfish and floating debris in the water. When operating in very clear water or at greater depths, you should increase the sensitivity, so you can see even weaker returns that may be of interest. Decreasing the sensitivity eliminates clutter from the display, which can occur when the water is muddy. If the sensitivity is set too low, the display will not show a lot of sonar returns that could be fish. We recommend starting from 100% sensitivity and then gradually decreasing sensitivity until you get the best results. This setting is not available for Deeper START