Does the Deeper sonar scare or harm fishes in any way?

As the recent research shows, military sonars can negatively affect marine wildlife that use biological sonars for navigation, like dolphins and whales. But it is very important to distinguish military sonar technology and fish finder sonar technology because there are major differences in frequencies and dB output.

Military sonars tend to operate at 1kHz-10kHz frequencies which is very loud, while Deeper operates at 90-290 kHz. Such frequency of sound is literally undetectable by humans, marine mammals and most fish species. The majority of fish species are known to detect sounds from below 50 Hz up to 500 or even 1,500 Hz. A smaller number of species can detect sounds to over 3 kHz, while a very very few can detect sounds to well over 100 kHz. 

Simply put - Deeper sonars and the ultrasound they emit will not affect the marine wildlife in any way, even if there are multiple Deepers units operating at the same time, because of very low power output of the sonar and frequencies they operate at.

Here at Deeper we respect all animal life, and it is one of our main priorities to ensure that our products are nature-friendly.