Which fishing line is optimal for casting the Deeper Smart Sonar?

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO models weight just 3.5 oz / 100 grams.

Deeper CHIRP models weight 3.2 oz / 90 grams.

Deeper Start weights 2.3 oz / 65 grams.

They have been designed to work with standard line and tackle, and any rod or line except micro-fishing equipment should be suitable for use. If you’re not sure, any tackle shop will be able to advise you on suitable fishing line to use with a Deeper Smart Sonar. 

We've tested a range of different lines , and best performing ones are the following:
• 16lbs / 7 kg test braid
• 20lbs / 9 kg test braid
• 25lbs / 11 kg test braid

However, it is advised to use a stronger line if you are planning to do long-distance casts. Feel free to use a stronger line if you wish to be on the safe side, especially if you're fishing in areas with aggressive predator fishes (pikes are known to attack the Deeper Sonar).

Tips when casting your Deeper Sonar:
• Make sure the line is not tangled at the tip;
• Once the bail is open, make sure the line is clear of it and it won’t close shut during casting;
• Use a strong knot (e.g. palomar or uni) and ensure it’s properly tied.

Also, don’t forget to cut off the end of your line after every active fishing session. The line gets fragile after active use, increasing the risk of breaking.

Please be careful to avoid areas where your line could snag when casting your Deeper Sonar.