Attaching for shore fishing

To set up for shore fishing with your Deeper, follow these steps:

  • Ensure the top cover is screwed on tightly, with the Water Proof marks perfectly aligned. To screw the top cover on, turn it anti-clockwise until it dips, then turn it clockwise until it is screwed on tightly.
  • Take an attachment bolt and securely tie it to your fishing line.
  • Now screw the attachment bolt firmly into the correct attachment point. If you are fishing from a dock or pier, use the middle attachment point. If you are fishing from the shore, use the bottom attachment point.

ⓘ Please only use 1 attachment bolt – the second bolt that comes in the box is a spare. Please ensure you use the correct attachment point. Using the wrong attachment point will cause the device to tilt in the water, affecting connectivity and the accuracy of the sonar readings.

Before you cast out your Deeper sonar, it is very important to ensure it is correctly attached to your line and rod. Every time you attach your Deeper sonar, please be careful to attach it correctly and check these points:

  1. Is your line passing correctly through the tip top (the last and smallest line guide on your rod)? If the line is looped or knotted here, the line can break when casting and you could lose your sonar.
  2. Are you using good quality line that is not worn or frayed?

Is the line firmly tied to the attachment bolt on your Deeper? This is important because your sonar could be lost if it is not tied securely.