Cast your Deeper to the spot you want to scan (up to 100 m / 330 ft away) and reel it back in. As you slowly reel back, you will see underwater scans shown on your smartphone or tablet.


 When you cast and reel in your Deeper sonar, keep your smartphone/tablet in a position where it can easily pick up the signal from your sonar. If your smartphone / tablet is on the ground or in your pocket, the connection may be unstable. We recommend using the Deeper Smartphone Mount for rods.


With the Deeper, you can also create underwater topography maps as you cast. Follow these steps:

  • Select Onshore GPS mode (Settings > Onshore GPS).
  • Cast out a short distance and wait for the satellite status to change from “Looking for GPS” to “GPS found”
  • When the status is changed to “GPS found”, cast to the spot you want to map, and reel in. The map on the Deeper App will fill in with color-coded depth data.

 Please note it can take some time for the GPS system to pick up your position, especially if you have not used your device for some time. When making a series of casts, it is possible the GPS status will change back to “Looking for GPS” between casts. Please wait for the status to change back to “GPS found”. If the status doesn’t change to “GPS found” for a long time, this can be caused by weather conditions, the surrounding landscape, the configuration of the satellites themselves, or if the signal from your Deeper Sonar is obstructed by something.