Deeper Range Extender

How to achieve the best possible range when using the Deeper Range Extender?

1. Reel in your Deeper sonar slowly. If it submerges underwater when reeled in, the connection may be lost. 2. If you are using it with a bait boat, it’s better to use the Bait boat mount for the Deeper sonar. 3. Do not hold your smartphone on the ground. For best connection it’s better to use a tripod for your smartphone or tablet, as well as the Deeper Range Extender. Ensure that the Range Extender is adjusted to vertical position, with its back facing the direction of the Deeper Sonar. ...

What Deeper Sonar models are compatible with the Deeper Range Extender? What smartphones/tables are compatible with the Deeper range extender?

All Deeper Sonar models can be used with Range extender except the Deeper 3.0 Smartphones or tablets need to have at least Android 8 / iOS 14 to be compatible with the Range Extender.

Can I use the Deeper Range Extender with multiple Deeper Sonars at the same time?

No. You can pair as many Deeper Sonars as you want, but you can’t use them simultaneously with the Range Extender. Only one Deeper can be used at a time.

Can I use the Deeper Range Extender to extend the Wi-Fi range of another device?

Deeper Range Extender can be used only with Deeper Sonars. It can’t be used with other Wi-Fi devices.

What is the thread size on the Deeper Range Extender screw hole?

Thread size is UNC 1/4 20. Deeper Range Extender can be mounted on most tripods.

What maximum range can I expect with my Deeper Sonar, when it’s extended with the Range Extender?

Below results can be achieved in good weather conditions with Deeper Range Extender, Deeper Sonar mount for bait boats. Smartphone and the Range Extender were attached to a tripod. • CHIRP+ 2 stable connection up to 220m (722 ft) • PRO+/CHIRP+/PRO+2 stable connection up to 200m (656 ft)