How to achieve the best possible range when using the Deeper Range Extender?

1. Reel in your Deeper sonar slowly. If it submerges underwater when reeled in, the connection may be lost.  

2. If you are using it with a bait boat, it’s better to use the Bait boat mount for the Deeper sonar.  

3. Do not hold your smartphone on the ground. For best connection it’s better to use a tripod for your smartphone or tablet, as well as the Deeper Range Extender. Ensure that the Range Extender is adjusted to vertical position, with its back facing the direction of the Deeper Sonar.  

4. Choose the correct smartphone settings:  

  • Apple iOS - Disable "Mobile data" and "WiFi assist". To find "WiFi assist" go to "Settings" -> "Mobile/Cellular data" -> Scroll down to the very bottom   
  • Android - Disable "Mobile data". Search "WiFi settings" for one of these settings "Smart network switch" / "WiFi+" / "Auto network switch" / "Adaptive WiFi" and, if found, disable it.   

5. Use the correct Deeper attachment bolt position if you’re casting it with a fishing rod. When fishing from the shore, use the bottom position. When fishing from a bridge or pier (higher ground) - use the middle attachment position.  

6. If any corrosion or discoloration is visible on the metal pins on the bottom of your sonar, clean them with a rough sponge.   

7. If you use a phone cover, remove it.  

8. Avoid standing close to metal objects.  

A more detailed explanation can be found here.