My Deeper is no longer covered by warranty, but needs a repair or a battery change. How can I do that?

In case your Deeper is no longer covered by warranty, we can provide you with a full technical evaluation & repair of your Deeper Sonar. The cost of this service depends on the region you're based at. The price includes all electronic component repairs, battery change as well as shipping both ways with the UPS courier.

USA and Canada: 70 USD / 90 CAD. 

United Kingdom: 65 GBP.

European Union and Scandinavia: 65 EUR

Australia, New Zealand and South Africa: Complete technical evaluation and repair of your Deeper Sonar will cost 80 EUR. This price includes all electronic component repairs, battery change as well as shipping both ways.

In order to initiate the process, you have to contact Deeper Support team at or open a new service ticket.


Please note: You will be charged for the repair service only after we complete the process and ensure that that the Deeper is repaired to 100% functionality. If the device cannot be repaired to 100% functionality because of irreparable damage (physical damage, water damage), paid product exchange will be offered instead.

Repair process usually takes 1-3 business days (shipping time not included). We can only accept payments in PayPal or bank transfers.


Repair process and technical evaluation includes the following:

    Visual inspection
    Hardware inspection and testing of individual electronic components
    Connectivity test to determine strength and stability
    GPS signal strength test
    Determination of firmware version sand charge cycles
    Battery check and full charge
    Testing by imitating real fishing conditions
    High-pressure test to check the body and cover of Deeper for water-tightness
    Automated software tests to ensure that Deeper is in accordance with manufacturing quality standards