Spare Parts/Battery Replacement/Bolts/Services

Where can I buy spare parts for my Deeper?

Following spare parts can be purchased via our website ( - Line attachment bolts (Deeper 3.0 / PRO / PRO+ / CHIRP+) - Deeper Start magnetic charging cable - Wave-rider mount (Flexible arm 2.0) - G-clamp (Flexible arm 2.0) - Neoprene pouch for the Deeper Following spare parts are not available on our website, and can only be purchased from us directly: - Original top cap (Deeper 3.0 / PRO / PRO+ / CHIRP+) - Orange/black rubber seals (Deeper 3.0 ...

My Deeper is no longer covered by warranty, but needs a repair or a battery change. How can I do that?

In case your Deeper is no longer covered by warranty, our team of experienced engineers can provide you with a full technical evaluation & repair of your Deeper Sonar. The cost of this service depends on the region you're based at. The price includes: - Full technical diagnostic of the device - Electronic repairs - Battery change in case it’s worn out - Enclosure change in case it’s worn out - Shipping with UPS courier to our repair facility and back to you Country Price (s...

Can I buy the Deeper battery and replace it myself?

Unfortunately not. Deeper batteries are custom-made, and can only be replaced in our facility (it is a very delicate process). Furthermore, not all issues related to charging occur because of a broken battery, and once we receive your Deeper, we a apply a full technical inspection on the unit. If your Deeper needs a technical inspection, please email us at or log a ticket ( with us.