Spare Parts/Battery Replacement/Bolts/Services

Where can I buy spare parts for my Deeper?

Following spare parts can be purchased via our website ( - Line attachment bolts (Deeper 3.0 / PRO / PRO+ / CHIRP+) - Deeper Start magnetic charging cable - Wave-rider mount (Flexible arm 2.0) - G-clamp (Flexible arm 2.0) - Neoprene pouch for the Deeper Following spare parts are not available on our website, and can only be purchased from us directly: - Original top cap (Deeper 3.0 / PRO / PRO+ / CHIRP+) - Orange/black rubber seals (Deeper 3.0 ...

My Deeper is no longer covered by warranty, but needs a repair or a battery change. How can I do that?

In case your Deeper is no longer covered by warranty, we can provide you with a full technical evaluation & repair of your Deeper Sonar. The cost of this service depends on the region you're based at. The price includes all electronic component repairs, battery change as well as shipping both ways with the UPS courier. USA and Canada: 70 USD / 90 CAD. United Kingdom: 65 GBP. European Union and Scandinavia: 65 EUR Australia, New Zealand and South Africa: Complete technical evaluation and rep...

Can I buy the Deeper battery and replace it myself?

Unfortunately not. Deeper batteries are custom-made, and can only be replaced in our facility (it is a very delicate process). Furthermore, not all issues related to charging occur because of a broken battery, and once we receive your Deeper, we a apply a full technical inspection on the unit. If your Deeper needs a technical inspection, please email us at or log a ticket ( with us.