Can I use Lakebook on smartphones or tablets?

Lakebook is an online website that stores your maps and scans. You can use it on any browser, and it doesn't matter whether you use a laptop, PC, tablet or a smartphone. When using Lakebook on GPS-enabled devices such as tablets and smartphones, you can determine your location on the map by clicking the GPS icon on the right side of the screen: ⓘ Performance of Lakebook is hardware-dependent. So, it may perform better on PC and laptops, as well as newer smartphones and tablets. Lakebook may ...

Can I share my bathymetric maps using Lakebook?

You can share your maps with your fishing buddies through Lakebook (, or make print outs of your best spots. Select the map you wish to share and access the drop-down menu: This will generate a direct link to your map, which you can share with your fishing buddy. Please note that only bathymetric map can be shared at the moment, and it is not possible to share the sonar scan data.

Can I see my sonar data on Lakebook?

Lakebook ( is a web portal which allows you to view most of your Deeper data on any computer. Just go to and login (using the same username and password you use for the Deeper App). ​​ If you made the scan in Standard Mode, you will see a pin on the map showing where you recorded the data. You can scroll through the scan like on the app. If you made the scan using Boat Mode or Onshore GPS Mode, you will see both your underwater conto...

Can I download my recorded bathymetric maps and edit them in other GIS applications?

To download a bathymetric map, you would need to be sure that your map is already uploaded to Lakebook ( In Lakebook, select the map that you want to export and click download: Exported data appear in .CSV format that will contain such values as latitude, longitude, depth and a timestamp. Timestamp will appear as the number of milliseconds that have elapsed since 00:00:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), Thursday, 1 January 1970. (UNIX Time) Please note that ...

I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

Lakebook uses the same account that you use for the Deeper app, and no additional registration is needed. If you have forgotten your password, go to Lakebook ( and enter your email address in the User Email field, and any password in the password field. Then, click Sign in. A button to reset the password will appear. Then, simply follow the instructions to reset the password.

How do I delete maps / scans from Lakebook?

You can delete any map or scan from Lakebook. Select a scan that you wish to delete, and access the drop-down menu by clicking an icon with 3 dots. Then, select Delete. If you wish to delete a complete bathymetric map, you would need to delete every single session associated with that map. Please note that after deleting the scan or map using this method, it will be deleted with no option of recovery.

How do I calculate a distance to a spot on the map?

With Lakebook (, you can easily calculate distance to any selected spot on the map. If you are using Lakebook on a GPS-enabled device, you can calculate the casting distance from your location on the shore to the selected spot. To start calculating distance, click the ruler icon on the left side of the screen: Then, click on any spot of the map to select the starting point from where you want to calculate the distance from. It will leave a white marker on the map...