To set up for ice fishing with your Deeper, follow these steps:

  • Ensure the top cover is screwed on tightly, with the Water Proof marks perfectly aligned.
  • Drill your ice hole and drop in your Deeper Sonar.
  • Enable Ice Fishing Mode in the Deeper App (Settings > Sonar Mode > Ice Fishing Mode)
  • Ensure your Deeper Sonar is in the center of the ice hole so the sonar readings don’t catch the ice.
  • There is no need to attach your Deeper Sonar to a line, but for convenience or extra peace of mind you can add an attachment bolt to the top attachment point and tie a line to it if you like.
  • Every ice hole you drop your Deeper in will be automatically marked on your map.

 When you have dropped your Deeper sonar into an ice hole, keep your smartphone/tablet in a position where it can easily pick up the signal from your sonar. If your smartphone / tablet is in your pocket, the connection may be unstable. For accurately recording the location of each ice hole on your map, please ensure your smartphone is close to the ice hole when you first drop in your Deeper sonar. After this, you can move further away.