General Questions

Does sonar / autopilot / manual control work up to 400m? Do I need a separate range extender?

The Deeper Quest can achieve a range of up to 400 meters, applicable to manual control, autopilot, and sonar functionalities. A robust range extender is integrated into the remote controller, and the radio technology of both the controller and bait boat is specifically designed for extended range. No separate range extenders are required to utilize the sonar or autopilot within the 400-meter range - you have it available right from the start.

Is the 7-hour working time of Deeper Quest achieved with both batteries, or just one?

The 7-hour working time of the Deeper Quest is achieved with both batteries inserted. They are both required at all times to power the Quest and other features.

Can I use the Deeper Quest with the same app account if I already own a Deeper Sonar or FishDeeper Premium (or both)? Will I be able to access my previous sonar depth mappings and Premium maps within the same account?

Yes, you can use the Deeper Quest with the same app account if you already own a Deeper Sonar or FishDeeper Premium, or both. Your existing account allows you to seamlessly integrate the Deeper Quest, providing access to your previous sonar depth mappings as well as any Premium maps associated with your account. Enjoy the convenience of managing all your Deeper devices under one account.

How Deeper Quest will perform in difficult weather conditions (heavy waves, wind, etc.)?

During the development and extensive testing of the Quest, we've achieved a hull design, weight, and size combination that allows for excellent hydrodynamics, speed, quality of steering, and stability, even in rough weather conditions. Additionally, the Deeper Quest is enhanced with a co-pilot feature. Inertial measurement sensors and co-pilot algorithms control the power of each motor separately and continuously adjust the RPM of each motor to ensure straight and smooth sailing. This functiona...