Charging and connecting

First unscrew the top cover to open the device – please always ensure the device is dry before opening it. Now connect your Deeper Sonar to a USB power source using the cable included. For charging, please use a standard smartphone or tablet charger, or connect the cable to your personal computer, your car’s power outlet, or the USB outlet of another device.

When you connect your Deeper PRO or PRO+ to a power source, it automatically turns on. An orange light will flash in intervals to show the device is charging. The number of flashes indicates the status of the battery.

  • One flash means charging just started and the battery is still empty.
  • Two flashes mean 25% charged
  • Three flashes mean 50% charged
  • Four flashes mean 75% charged
  • A green light means the battery is fully charged.

A blue light indicates that the temperature is too cold for charging. The lithium-ion battery cannot be charged at temperatures below 3°C / 37.4°F. Please take your Deeper Sonar to room temperature conditions and resume charging.

A red light means there is a problem with charging. In this case, first please try a different charger and cable. Next, please leave the device charging for a longer period (over 1 hour). If the light is still red, please contact Support.

Once your device is charged, screw the top cover back on, ensuring it is closed tightly so that the words ‘Water’ and ‘Proof’ align perfectly.

ⓘ Never put your Deeper in water when it is connected to the charger cable. This could damage the device and any damage will not be covered by the warranty. Always ensure the top cover is firmly closed and the Water Proof marks are perfectly aligned before putting your Deeper Sonar in water.

ⓘ Make sure that the threads of the Deeper top cover and body are always clean, do not attach the top cover if there is sand or dirt on the thread of the top cover or the Deeper. Clean it first.

ⓘ Please note you can only connect to one Deeper Sonar at a time from your phone or tablet. And your Deeper Sonar can only connect to one phone or tablet at a time.