Charging and connecting

Connect your Deeper Sonar to a USB power source using the cable included. For charging please use a standard smartphone or tablet charger or connect the cable to your personal computer or the USB outlet of another device (outlets must meet USB standards and have a voltage level of 5V).

When you connect your Deeper START to a power source, it automatically turns on. The light shown indicates the charge status of the battery:

An orange blinking light means that the fishfinder is charging. The number of flashes shows the battery status:

  • One flash means charging just started and the battery is still empty.
  • Two flashes mean 25% charged
  • Three flashes mean 50% charged
  • Four flashes mean 75% charged
  • A constant light means the battery is fully charged.



If the light blinks rapidly without stopping there is a problem with charging. In this case, please follow these 2 steps.

  1. Check the temperature. If it is 0°C / 32°F or lower, please try charging your Deeper START in room temperature conditions.
  2. If you still see a rapidly blinking light, please contact Support.