Extracting NMEA0183 data over UDP port (CHIRP+/CHIRP+ 2.0/PRO+ 2.0 models only)

With Deeper CHIRP+/CHIRP+ 2.0/PRO+ 2.0 models, it is possible to extract NMEA0183 data over UDP port. You can connect any device to its access point, and enable the sonar to send NMEA messages over the UDP. Deeper mobile application and device that is connected and receives NMEA over UDP can work at the same time.

1. Connection

1. Place Deeper in water.
2. Connect to Deeper access point (e.g. Deeper CHIRP+ 58BA).
3. Connect to remote host:
▪ IP:
▪ UDP port: 10110
4. Send the following command over UDP to Deeper to enable NMEA messages to be sent over UDP.:  $DEEP230,1*38<0D><0A>
Depending on the parameters (EOL sequence) in your UDP software, the following commands may need to be used: $DEEP230,1*38/r/n or $DEEP230,1*38

To disable NMEA messages, send the following command: $DEEP230,0*39<0D><0A>

Note: If you are using a Deeper Range extender, use the following method:

  1. Connect Extender to Deeper
  2. Connect PC/Device to Extender Wi-Fi
  3. Connect to remote host: Extender IP - UDP: 10110


2. NMEA 0183 messages

Deeper sends NMEA data with 1 second period. NMEA data includes GPS, depth and water temperature data. Following messages are sent over UDP port:



3. DBT – Depth Below Transducer

Water depth referenced to the transducer’s position. Depth value expressed in feet, metres and fathoms.



Standard precision, without checksum:
6.6 feet / 2.0 metres / 1.1 fathoms.

Extended precision, without checksum:
6.66 feet / 2.03 metres / 1.11 fathoms.

Standard precision, with checksum:
8.1 feet / 2.4 metres / 1.3 fathoms.

8.1 feet / 2.4 metres / No fathom output.


4. MTW – Mean Temperature of Water

Water temperature in degrees centigrade.



Extended precision, with checksum:
17.75 degrees centigrade.


5. Frequency control commands

Using Deeper NMEA command sonar beam angle (frequency) can be selected over UDP:

• Wide angle (CHIRP frequency range 90 kHz – 115 kHz): $DEEP231,4*3C <0D><0A>
• Medium angle (CHIRP frequency range 270 kHz – 310 kHz): $DEEP231,5*3D <0D><0A>
• Narrow angle (CHIRP frequency range 635 kHz – 715 kHz): $DEEP231,6*3E <0D><0A>

6. Troubleshooting

Problem: NMEA0183 data packets are not sent, or they are initially sent, but time-out happens after 4-5 minutes
Solution: GPS fix is not good enough, or there is no GPS fix.
1. Try connecting to the unit via the Deeper application, and enable the on-shore GPS mode. Ensure you are in open location free of overhead obstacles, and the sonar is in the water.
2. Wait until the app GPS status changes to green (GPS found), which may take up to 5 minutes.
3. NMEA0183 stream should resume once the GPS fix is acquired.

Problem: NMEA0183 data packets are not sent at all. 
Solution: Connect to the sonar with the Fish Deeper application and make sure the "Onshore" mode (the one with the fishing rod icon) is enabled. Other modes enabled in the Fish Deeper app override UDP instructions and disable the use of the GPS module. Onshore mode is the only one which enables GPS.