How do I increase the connectivity when using Deeper with a RC bait boat?

If you are experiencing a shorter connection range, please switch off the Mobile Data on your smartphone, as it can affect the strength of your Wi-Fi signal. Furthermore, it is very important to turn off "Wi-Fi assist"(iOS) or "Smart network switch"(Android) - these smartphone features can automatically shut down connection with the Deeper. 

The Deeper was not specifically designed to be used with RC bait boats, and even though it is possible, we had reports of strong interference with frequencies, especially if the boat uses 2.4 GHz connection. If your RC boat supports radio interference reduction - you should enable it.

Here are additional tips on how the connection can be improved:

• Position the Deeper in a way that the water level is in between the very bottom of the Deeper and the orange seal (but never goes beyond it).

• For the sonar stability, we strongly recommend using the Bait boat mount for the Deeper sonar.

• Consider a slightly slower trolling speed when using the Deeper with a bait boat to avoid the Deeper getting covered by a wave.

• Keep the boat controller as far away from your phone as possible to avoid interference. 

• If possible, consider changing your RC Bait Boat controller. Different controllers provide different results, a new one may drastically improve your connection. Look out for controllers that use AFHSS or have some other form of interference reduction.